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Our services for investors and owners include personalized financial analysis and planning, expert advice on aircraft selection and acquisition, and ongoing support for all aspects of aircraft ownership, including regulatory compliance, maintenance, and operational management. We also provide access to our global network of partners and affiliates, including leading financial institutions, legal and tax advisors, and aviation experts, to ensure that our clients have access to the best resources and expertise available.


Welcome to Flex Flight International’s Owners Services page. Our owners services are designed to provide aircraft owners with personalized solutions that meet their unique needs. From aircraft acquisition to ongoing maintenance, we offer comprehensive solutions that ensure the safe and efficient operation of your aircraft.

Service Overview:

1. Aircraft Management Services

  • Maintenance and Inspections
  • Crew Management
  • Insurance and Legal Services
  • Financial Management
  • Flight Operations

2. Aircraft Trading and Acquisition

  • Pre-purchase Inspection and Evaluation
  • Negotiation and Contract Management
  • Ownership and Registration Structuring
  • Aircraft Delivery and Acceptance

3. Charter Management Services

    • Charter Marketing and Sales
    • Trip Planning and Coordination
    • Flight Following and Support
    • Post-Flight Reporting and Analysis

4. Investment Opportunities

  • Fractional Ownership Programs
  • Aircraft Partnership Opportunities
  • Asset Management Solutions

5. Additional Services

  • Aircraft Interior Design and Refurbishment
  • Aircraft Hangar and Facilities Management
  • Aviation Consulting and Advisory Services



6. Aircraft Management Services: Flex Flight International offers comprehensive aircraft management services to provide aircraft owners with a hassle-free and cost-effective way to operate their aircraft.
7. Maintenance and Inspections: Our team of certified maintenance professionals provides comprehensive maintenance services to ensure that your aircraft is always operating safely and efficiently.
8. Crew Management: We offer a range of crew management services, including hiring, scheduling, and training, to ensure that your crew is always up-to-date on the latest industry standards and regulations.
9. Insurance and Legal Services: We provide insurance and legal services to protect your investment and ensure that your aircraft is always in compliance with regulatory requirements.
10. Financial Management: Our financial management services include budgeting and accounting to ensure that your aircraft operates efficiently.
11. Flight Operations: We manage all aspects of flight operations, including flight planning, crew scheduling, and regulatory compliance.
12. Aircraft Trading and Acquisition: We offer aircraft trading and acquisition services to help you buy or sell an aircraft that meets your needs.
13. Pre-purchase Inspection and Evaluation: Our pre-purchase inspection and evaluation services ensure that you are buying an aircraft in good condition.
14. Negotiation and Contract Management: We provide negotiation and contract management services to ensure that your aircraft acquisition or sale is properly documented.
15. Ownership and Registration Structuring: We assist with ownership and registration structuring to help you achieve your ownership goals and comply with regulatory requirements.
16. Aircraft Delivery and Acceptance: Our aircraft delivery and acceptance services ensure that your aircraft is properly delivered and accepted.
17. Charter Management Services: We offer charter management services to help you manage your charter aircraft and generate revenue from charter operations.
18. Charter Marketing and Sales: Our charter marketing and sales services help you promote your aircraft to potential charter clients and generate new business.
19. Trip Planning and Coordination: We provide comprehensive trip planning and coordination services to ensure that your flights are safe and efficient.
20. Flight Following and Support: We offer flight following and support services to help you monitor and manage your aircraft during flights.
21. Post-Flight Reporting and Analysis: Our post-flight reporting and analysis services provide detailed information about your flights and help you make data-driven decisions.
22. Investment Opportunities: We offer investment opportunities in aircraft ownership, fractional ownership programs, and aircraft partnership opportunities.
23. Fractional Ownership Programs: Our fractional ownership programs allow you to own a share of an aircraft and enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership without the full cost.
24. Aircraft Partnership Opportunities: Our aircraft partnership opportunities allow you to co-own an aircraft with other investors and share the costs and benefits of ownership.
25. Asset Management Solutions: We offer asset management solutions to help you maximize the value of your aircraft investment.
26. Additional Services: We provide a range of additional services, including aircraft interior design and refurbishment, aircraft hangar and facilities management, and aviation consulting and advisory services.


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